Arnold Jia

V2 Admissions was there through every step of the process--from before the application process started to way after it ended. Charles was immediately warm and I was glad to see our relationship develop into an actual friendship that I will continue to value for years. During the process, we talked about my application as a whole to get a sense of the narrative I wanted to create. He was one of my most trusted resources--I was in awe of his dedication as he left comments on my essays even when away and busy, and I respected his thoroughness as he discussed and pondered even the smallest wording choices in an essay. He wasn’t just knowledgeable--he actually cared. He isn’t just a cold and formal college counselor; he’s someone who put in the time and effort to truly get to know me so that he could best help my application. ​ 

Even after I got into my dream school, V2 provided me connections to other incoming students so I found a community immediately. To this day, they provide me advice about clubs, classes, careers, and it helps me envision what my next 4 years will look like. 

Arnold Jia is a 2019 graduate from Millburn High School in New Jersey. He received acceptances into Penn (Wharton), Cornell, Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Wustl, UVA, and more.

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