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Angela Zhong

Harvard University

"Right from the start, [V2] identified parts of me that...would mesh well with the schools I was applying to."

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Oliver Shi

University of Pennsylvania

"I think V2 Admissions could push your application and make [the difference needed] to get you into your dream school."

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Arnold Jia

University of Pennsylvania

"Even after I got into my dream school, V2 provided me connections to other incoming students so I found a community immediately."

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Josh Herrera

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"I really recommend this service to anyone who just feels lost or unsure of whether their app is the perfect app."

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Natalia Antonides

University of Chicago

"V2 helped me have the confidence to apply to schools I never thought I would've gotten into."

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Semir Mujevic

Brown University

"I fell in love with [Brown] thanks to [V2] helping me find schools that fit my interests."

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John Jachimiak

Washington University in St. Louis

"[V2] didn't just help me with my final application, [they also] guided me through my junior year...and what tests I should take."

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Anish Maddipoti

University of Texas at Austin

"V2 kept me on task throughout the whole college application process."

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"[V2] knew so much about almost every school I was interested in and was very helpful in narrowing down my list and planning applications to each one."
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