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Learn how V2 Admissions can lead you to success. 

Our program was specially developed with a vision focused on the student, resulting in a unique consultation experience that cannot be achieved anywhere else. Our qualified and self-taught instructors give students individual attention, turning their particular weaknesses into their strengths. Because of our dedication to achieving results and attention to detail, our instructors will prepare you for acceptance to your top schools. Too many college consultation programs nowadays are too focused on obtaining revenue, and their services tend to fall flat of truly finding new opportunities for applicants.


Here at V2 Admissions, teaching quality and student satisfaction go beyond all other priorities. Each of the counselors have worked extensively with students to find success in applying to their dream schools. Rest assured, we’re sure you’re next.


How It Works



An experienced college consultant will discuss with you your goals for college applications. Based on an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, your consultant will set conceivable goals with you and help select the package that best fits your needs.


Based on your personal goals, your consultant will lay out a plan for your college application, detailing various aspects including your application essays and the general flow of your application. During this entire process, you can provide any personal ideas to your consultant.


Based on your personal plan, your consultant will be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the hardest parts of your application in a professional manner. Your consultant will also share with you tips in order to make your application stand out. 



Through this process, your consultant will mentor and guide you the entire way up-- even until after submit your applications, including extra help with interviews and resumes. Then, all that is left is you waiting for your admittance letter to your dream school!

How It Works

How It Works

Our Program

What Makes Us Unique

What makes V2 Admissions different from others?


Proven Results

At V2 Admissions, we know how to get you into your dream school because we’ve done it before. Based on our programs to help you create a “Version 2” for the college admissions officers, we’ve seen a history of success. With some of our students being admitted to some of the top programs in the US, we’re sure you’re next. And don't worry, we'll continue to help you with your transition even after you're accepted!


Relatable Counselors

As college students, we remember every step of the admissions process. Other counselors are decades out of school and haven’t experienced the modern admissions process—cutthroat but also deeply personal. We understand the stress and the pressure because we share it. We won’t use the same old platitudes because we are tired of them too. We know what you are going through. Let us help.


Curated Community

At the end of this process, you won’t just be an admitted student at your dream school. You’ll also have been part of a diverse and supportive community of other students getting accepted into top institutions as well. Many students even come back to tutor, as they’ve seen the importance of student-to-student mentorship in the college admissions process and want to give back to this community.


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