Our Results

This year, we received Class of 2024 acceptances to:

3 Harvard University 

California Institute of Technology (Questbridge Match - 1 of 6 in the US)

California Institute of Technology (Regular Decision)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University (Early Action)

2 University of Pennsylvania (Regular Decision)

2 Cornell University (Regular Decision)

2 Columbia University (Regular Decision)

Princeton University (Regular Decision)

Brown University (Regular Decision)

Yale University (Regular Decision)

Brown University (Early Decision)

University of Chicago (Early Decision II)

Vanderbilt University (Early Action - Chancellor's Scholar)

Georgia Institute of Technology (Early Action)

Johns Hopkins University

Washington University in St. Louis (Questbridge Match - 1 of 46 in the US)

University of Michigan (Early Action) - Literature, Science, and the Arts

The University of Texas at Austin - Plan II Honors

The University of Texas at Austin - Canfield Business Honors

One of our Questbridge acceptances, John J. from Indiana! Congratulations! #GoBearsGo

Last year, we received Class of 2023 acceptances to:

Stanford University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yale University

University of Pennsylvania

Cornell University

Dartmouth College 

Duke University

Northwestern University

Johns Hopkins University

Georgetown University

Carnegie Mellon University

Washington University in St. Louis

New York University - Stern School of Business

University of California, Berkeley - EECS 

University of Virginia

University of Michigan

University of Southern California

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

UT Austin Canfield Business Honors

UT Austin Plan II Honors

UT Austin Computer Science Honors

UT Austin Forty Acres Scholars (~20 of 3,000 applicants)

University of Illinois Stamps Scholars (10 of 20,000 applicants)


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