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"I began working with V2 Admissions my senior year in high school because I thought it would be super helpful to have someone knowledgeable about the ins and outs and particular quirks of the process, especially because neither I or my parents were familiar with it. At each step in the process, I found the support V2 provided immensely valuable; they knew so much about almost every school I was interested in and was very helpful in narrowing down my list and planning applications to each one. On the application side, V2 helped me write my activities list cohesively, assisted me in conceptualized and writing essays, and provided support and guidance along the way. All in all, I think V2 Admissions would be a fantastic resource for anyone during their college application and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Student, Class of 2023
‍Yale University

"V2 Admissions helped me gain admissions to Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and other Top 20 schools with a full ride. V2 Admissions has truly brought out the essence of my story in the essays. I would totally recommend V2 to other students as well."

Cindy R.
Harvard University

“I was accepted into Cornell and Northwestern and will be attending Cornell University in the fall to pursue business. V2 Admissions played a key role in my application process as they not only guided me and worked with me to curate my college list, but they also gave me the confidence I needed to apply to schools I never thought I would have gotten into. They were also always highly responsive and consistently went above and beyond to support and encourage me. To anyone feeling overwhelmed by the college admission process, I highly recommend V2 Admissions!”

Rachel L.
Cornell University
"I really recommend this service to anyone who just feels lost or unsure of whether their app is the perfect app."

Josh H.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"V2 didn't just help me with my final application, they also guided me through my junior year...and what tests I should take."

John J.
Washington University in St. Louis
"I think V2 Admissions could push your application and make the difference needed to get you into your dream school."

Oliver S.
University of Pennsylvania
"V2 helped me have the confidence to apply to schools I never thought I would've gotten into."

Natalia A.
University of Chicago
"V2 Admissions was a huge help in the college admissions process and got me into my dream school. Throughout the entire time, they were so flexible and reliable. I would recommend it to any senior going through the admissions process!"

Neil P.
Washington University in St. Louis
"Even after I got into my dream school, V2 provided me connections to other incoming students so I found a community immediately."

Student, Class of 2023
University of Pennsylvania
"Right from the start, V2 identified parts of me that would mesh well with the schools I was applying to."

Angela Z.
Harvard University

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