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Whats included in your Course

Our course is broken down into 5 easy modules, each one serving a very tailored purpose and all to help you craft the best narrative for your common application. 
  • To start, we will provide our strategic approach to the admissions process
  • Then, we will walk through building each component of your application
  • Finally, we will emphasize the importance of elevating your personal story
15 Videos
The first section of your course will focus on helping you better understand what goes into the opaque admissions process, how to navigate your application foundation, and the importance of prioritizing certain aspects of your personal narrative.
40 Videos
The second section of your course will teach you the necessary components of building a strong narrative, deep-dive into successful example essays and applications of prior students at top universities, and walk you through that entire process.
25 Videos
The final section of your course will emphasize the value of rethinking your approach towards your application, elevating the core aspects of your narrative, and giving you the insights that help our students build a trajectory of long-term success.

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Why our course is different

Our Approach
V2’s approach emphasizes your long-term growth, beyond the process of getting into top colleges
Our Success
V2’s success has been replicated across many cycles of applications
into Top-20 ranked universities
Our Strategy
V2’s strategy builds upon your personal skill-set and interests, creating a tailored approach for all students
Our Insights
V2’s students have seen the value of our program and continue to share their invaluable insights 
Our Perspective
V2’s perspective is that success is defined by your own interests, not those set by external influences
Our Priority
V2’s primary goal is to encourage and empower you to take control of your own educational journey

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