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V2 offers comprehensive college admissions packages that include everything from college list consulting to essay brainstorming & revisions and interview practice. We will make sure you're ready!

With a personal consultant alongside you every step of the way, the college application process will be streamlined, improved, and made easier for you.

UnderclassMen Guidance

High school presents endless arrays of classes, extracurriculars, and opportunities that are often confusing to choose between.

V2 will help you devise a plan for all of your high school years, with a focus on creating a coherent story that you will be able to present to the admissions officers through your applications.

academic advising & tutoring

Getting into your dream college requires you to do well in high school.


But don't worry, your consultant will be there every step of the way in order to make sure your grades don't block your way.

V2 offers tutoring in all AP subjects as well as SAT, SATII, and ACT.

Gap Year Strategy

Taking a gap year is becoming increasingly popularized as it allows students to take an extra year off from school and pursue their personal interests or to boost their resume before they apply for top academic institutions across the US.


At V2, we know exactly how we can help you prepare for the gap year and ensure your time is well spent.


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